Join our Mural Design Team

We have extended the Design Team application deadline to Sunday December 17, 2017!

Who qualifies? Any Womxn of Color in Lawrence KS or surrounding area . 

*Womxn A spelling of women, that is more inclusive to individuals who are: non-binary, femme, trans, and Women of Color.

Join the first ever Lawrence KS Womxn of Color Mural titled "WAK’Ó MUJERES PHỤ NỮ WOMEN MURAL"

This project is fully founded by the Charlotte Street Foundation's Rocker Grants through the Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts, and the Kansas Department of Commerce; our team is currently collecting histories and recording oral histories from Womxn of Color in Lawrence, KS. Through the months of January to March, these collected stories will be translated into a visual design by our Mural Design Team (a group of 15-20 diverse Womxn of Color). This collaboratively created design by the Mural Design Team, will be painted on a public wall downtown Lawrence, Kansas.

To Learn more about the project check out our website's home page:

We are still looking for Womxn of Color to sign up for our design team! This is a volunteered position. All designers will be recognized in all publications including the website, on the actual mural wall, printed work(small publication), etc. We are looking for artists and non-artists (all ages welcomed / no experience needed). Womxn of Color who are open to listening and having conversations with other Womxn of Color. (we will have shirts and/or bags for the team members as well!)

Design Team Members must be able to:

  1. Attend design meetings: 1 to 4 hours weekly from January -March of 2018 (we will be very* flexible)

  2. Be able to work collaboratively

  3. Share your story through an oral history interview or a miny-zine

  4. Optional: Help paint the mural April-May 2018 (you may paint as much or as little as you'd like - everyone and anyone is welcomed to paint!)


  • Send us an email to:

  • Txt / Call Connie (316) 789-3492


The Design Team applications are due on Sunday December 17th


Design Team Application Form

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For more information check out our website's home page:
or send us an e-mail to:


We are also accepting nominations to interview local Womxn of Color for the oral history part of the project through he month of December