Call for Nominations:
Nominate a local Womxn of Color (WoC) or self-nominate! 

This call for nominations is an invitation to the Lawrence community en masse! We’re asking you to self-nominate or consider nominating a WoC in the community to share their story with us. In order to participate in the oral history collection, please start by filling out the form below!

Who qualifies? Any Womxn* of Color who lives or has lived in Lawrence, KS or has roots here. We would like to hear from WoC who have or know someone who has had a lasting impact on the Lawrence community. Womxn who have or continue to contribute to the community are the very people we would like to interview. 
Remaining anonymous is also an option.

*Womxn A spelling of women, that is more inclusive to individuals who are: non-binary, femme, trans, and Women of Color.

All recorded histories will influence the mural and will be archived for public access. Our design team (a diverse group of 15-20 Womxn of Color) will incorporate some of these histories to be visually represented in the mural. 

To learn more about the project click here

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