The Design Team; consists of Girls and Womxn of Color. Together they have translated the collected histories of Lawrence’s WoC into a visual mural design. 

Addie Mehl, Aminah (youth), Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick, Imani Wadud, Iris Nicole Cliff, Ivory (youth), Jasmine Deng, Leah Evans, Marylin Hinojosa, Mónica Carvajal Regidor, NedRa Bonds, Nia (youth), Nohemi Alvarez-Landa, Sandra Yoder, Sierra Two Bulls, Vanessa Reynaga, Yueyang (Sally) Jiang


Reshaping the societal norms of “Who gets to tell History” and “How”.


The Design Team lead several community painting days in the summer of 2018. The mural installation was completed by all members of the Design Team. This mural cannot be credited to one artist alone. This mural was made by all of the Design Team members: from the beginning design stages until the last brush strokes.

design team 2018.jpg

This mural design* has also been shaped and supported by the following Womxn of Color: Ursula Minor, Ashley Aranda, and all oral history participants (who we will reveal upon the completion of the mural)


About The Project Leaders

Connie Fiorella Fitzpatrick


Project Roles: Project Coordinator, Oral History Interviewer, & Lead Artist.

Connie is an artist, designer, and adventure cartographer. Her work often reflects her Peruvian heritage and an inspiration to create community growth through visuals and communication. As a community member Connie is currently serving as a board member of the Douglas County Food Policy Council. She has also served as a Community Coordinator for the Lawrence Sunrise Project; collecting data through alternative methods such as story sharing and photo-voice collection for the Douglas County Food Policy Plan. She has been selected as one of 15 nationwide Latinx to attend the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture: Advocacy Leadership Institute in D.C. She is a proud to be the first KS resident NALAC ALI Fellow.
To learn more about Connie click here.

Nedra Bonds

—ARTIST MENTOR & one of seventeen Artists of this mural.

Nedra is an artist who uses her talents to share messages about social justice and to teach and preserve history. Her primary art medium is quilt making, and has created more than 100 so far. These have been displayed in various traveling art shows, and locally at the Jazz Museum, Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Heritage Center, University of Missouri-Kansas City and Park University. She majored in American Studies at the University of Kansas and spent some time teaching college classes and working in the field of education.
To learn more about Nedra, check out: NedRa Bonds Wikipedia

Marylin Hinojosa

Marylin Hinojosa

Project Roles: Oral History Interviewer, Lead Artist.

Marylin is a multi-disciplinary artist in Kansas. She is a Latinx woman from southwest Kansas. She earned an Associate of Arts at Dodge City Community College 2011 and graduated from the Arts Program at the University of Kansas in 2015. She has experience with multiple community mural projects. Marylin was a part of a large, collaborative commissioned sculpture project for the Federal Reserve of Kansas City in 2014. She is also a board member of the Enclave, an art collaborative, and a member of W.O.C* Makers in Lawrence KS. *w.o.c.: pronounced woke; woman of color.

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Imani Wadud.jpg

Imani A. Wadud

Project Roles: Research Mentor, Oral History Interviewer, & one of seventeen Artists of this mural.

Imani grew up in the D.C. Metropolitan area and is the mother of two. She served as cultural ambassador and English language assistant for the French Embassy and worked in Loudéac for a year. Imani also organized participated in feminist, antiracist, and immigrant rights initiatives during the ten years she lived in Regensburg, Germany. Currently, Imani is a doctoral student in the Department of American Studies at the University of Kansas and is one of twelve recipients of the Chancellor Doctoral Fellowship. Her scholarship analyzes how community-based and participatory projects can be tools for empowerment and function as catalysts for civic engagement and intersectional remembrance. Some of her pastimes include gardening, dance, and video games.


Project Roles: Project Photographer, & one of seventeen Artists of this mural.

Leah Evans received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Kansas with a concentration in Expanded Media. Spanning over many disciplines, her work often explores the complex identities that stem from being part of a multicultural family. Most recently, Leah has primarily focused on photography and ceramics. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband and daughter.

Iris Cliff woc mural.jpg

Iris Cliff

Project Role: Lead Artist.


Addie Mehl

Project Role: Lead Artist.